20 Years Kinky Star !

We are proud to be the headliner on the final day of the 10-day Kinky Star marathon.

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Follow Us with Follow Me !

Follow us with Follow Me, the new single taken from our latest Porcupine album.

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Live music score CHASSE PATATE

Next summer for the second year in a row, Needle will play the live music score for CHASSE PATATE, a theatre play by Studio Orka.

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Dark Groovy Sonic Guitar Indie Rock.

Short Biography

Needle and the Pain Reaction (NATPR), an energetic 3-piece band, wellknown for their guerilla concerts and jam sessions within’ the alternative music scene in Ghent, Creative City of Music (Belgium). Since 1999 they build up a strong live reputation with 2 Canadian tours in March 2006 and 2007 and a UK tour in 2014. NATPR has 5 releases on Kinky Star Records, with a latest release "Porcupine" on March 1, 2016, and a digital-only release "Paper Trails" on April 15, 2016.

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Who the hell are we?

Wim Deliveyne

Wim Deliveyne

This universal man is legendary for his experimental creating skills already with former bands as Káyate and (sic) in the 90's. This writer, graphic designer, web designer and musician is also visual and lyrical creator of the band. Check his other project Zilke (electronic poetry).

Peter De Bosschere

Peter De Bosschere

Built a great reputation as all round drummer in the Belgian pop & rock scene. Played with bands as Derek & the Dirt, An Pierlé, Shapeshifted (bluesrock), Drip Dry Man & the Beat Revolver (voodoo, swamp rock) ... also working as a producer for many bands and artists, perfecting his recording and mixing skills.

Luc Waegeman

Luc Waegeman

Founder of record label and club Kinky Star (Ghent, Belgium), played with SeXmachines, Starfighter,... now playing with Lee & the Lovedaddies, Drip Dry Man & the Beat Revolver,.... Working as producer, DJ, lotta musical stuff. Check his solo studio project Wagonman (80's punkwave).


The best way to discover us is experiencing a live gig.

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